Monday, 18 June 2018

Pros And Cons of Wallpapers

Wallpapers are decorative materials that cover interior walls. In Singapore, wallpapers are very common. They are put almost in every offices, museums, homes, government buildings etc. Wallpapers are very attractive and are used to add beauty and style to rooms. Wallpapers are sold in rolls and are installed on the walls using wallpaper paste.

Wallpapers have the power of transforming a space dramatically. They can make a big empty room feel cozy with darker wallpapers patterns and colors. They can also transform a dramatically colorful house feel airy and soft by putting pale wallpapers with less bold patterns and colors.

Types of wallpapers

There are so many different types of wallpapers in Singapore that are preferred by many people. Some of them are;
Foil wallpaper
The foil wallpapers are more popular in Singapore and are used by most of the designers. They are highly attractive and reflective. Their reflectivity however requires much effort to install since they highlight all the defects found on the walls. Wrinkles and folds are supposed to be avoided at all cost. This can be done by ensuring that the walls undergo proper repair or covered in order to eliminate any defects that may arise. The fact that they do not hide any flaws is a drawback.

Vinyl wallpaper

The vinyl wallpapers are suitable for humid or moist places since they are resistant to moisture. E.g. Bathrooms and kitchens. They are the most common wallpapers among many household due to their durability. They are coated by a layer of vinyl and the thicker the vinyl paper the durable the wallpapers will be. They are also very easy to maintain since they can be washed.

Grass cloth wallpaper

In Singapore, the grasscloth wallpaper is very popular. The grasscloth wallpaper gives the room a very natural and earthly feel since they are made of woven grass. They are available in different textures and make the room feel very interesting.

Fabric wallpaper

The fabric wallpapers just as their name suggest are made out of clothes and textile. They are very attractive and bring warmth and coziness to big rooms. Unlike many other wallpapers, the fabric wallpapers are not laminated. 

Folk wallpaper

They are most suited for rooms which require decorative highlights. They are suited mostly for formal areas such as the dining room areas. They are very decorative and also making maintenance very easy

Factors to consider before buying wallpapers

There are some factors to consider before buying or installing a wallpaper for your house. These factors are as follows.

Room measurements

Before buying the wallpaper ensure you take the house measurements. This should be the height and width of the room in order to take the square footage then subtract the parts to be left uncovered like doors and windows.

The pricing units of measurements

The second thing to put into consideration is the pricing units of measurements that the vendor uses. This is to be sure of how much you are expected to pay and avoid unnecessary surprise after you have placed your order. It's however advisable to buy an extra amount in case mistakes take place during installation.

Colors and patterns

Ensure before buying the wallpaper you have a good idea of the type of pattern and color of wallpaper you want. This should greatly be impacted by the type of effect you want to create in your house. After planning it is wise to go to the market and look at what is available and suits you best.
Vender's policy

This comes in handy when you make a purchase that does not suit your room and you need a refund or exchange. You should consider buying from vendors who are more flexible and who also offer wallpaper installation in their packages. 

Decisions to determine the installer.
This is the most crucial part since the person installing your wallpaper can either make or break the whole deal. You should consider getting experts who have experience in installing wallpapers. 

Pros of using wallpapers


Installing of the wallpapers takes very little time compared to other walls decorative method. It also takes very little effort to apply since you don’t have to cover other parts to prevent paint from spilling.


There is a lot of variety when it comes to wallpapers. There are so many prints and colors that are out there that are used to beautify our rooms. The prints are ready hence makes decision making very easy.


Wallpapers are very durable since they can last for very many years without replacement. There is also no need for regular touch-ups hence making it cost effective.

Low maintenance

Most of the wallpapers are coated and this makes cleaning very easy. The coating helps the walls become very durable hence des not fade easily.

In Singapore, most households prefer having the wallpapers since they are considered to be beautiful and brings out elegance. They also want to stand out since wallpapers come with endless colors and patterns.


Most wallpapers are cheap and durable. If you use a reliable wallpaper, you save a lot since they last longer without the need for replacement. 

Personalization of temporary homes

Wallpapers are the best solution to temporary houses where the policy does not allow any paint change.



Removing wallpapers can be very tedious hence it requires patience and the right tools to remove them. There might also be damage to the walls that may take place in the removal process 


For the people who get bored easily then wallpapers may not be the best option since taking them out is tedious hence it may be hard to change them on a regular basis.


Using wallpapers is very expensive as compared to painting 

Fragile wallpapers

There are some wallpapers that are very fragile and hence they do not last for a very long time.

Lack of flexibility.

Wallpapers are mostly applied on soft surfaces. They cannot be applied on rough surfaces and concrete, unlike paint that can be applied on both soft and rough surfaces.