Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to Choose the Best Wallpapers for Your Interior

If you want to change the home interior and you are thirsty for novelty, but there is not enough money and energy for a completely new design, then you can change the wallpaper in your room and your home will look different.

A big part of visual space is occupied by walls. Our view always glides over them; it is the form of properly chosen wallpaper generates comfort and cozy impression of your room. Many are wondering which wallpaper to choose for a hall or another room among the abundance present in local stores, as wallpapers are the most popular wall cover in Singapore.

In each building store, a finishing materials department is simply packed with the variety of textures and colors of wallpapers. In order not to get lost and not to get confused with choosing wallpaper, you should follow a simple algorithm of actions. You need to answer all the questions step-by-step.

Why Choose Wallpapers over Wall Dyeing

Many people when choosing the material for walls decoration face a question: wallpaper or dying, what is better to choose?

- The negative quality of paint is that its coating often looks cold and inhospitable.

- The main disadvantage of dying is a long process of preparation, and every uneven line will be visible on a wall.

- Painted in one color walls cause unpleasant associations with old houses.

- However, modern paint looks quite different. It is easy to clean and you can choose any color and degree of gloss: from matte to super gloss.

Advantages of Wallpapers

A decision to cover walls with wallpapers has many significant advantages:

- Minimal preparation, it is not necessary to ideally level the walls;

- Large selection of colors, from white to black, from the lightest shades to rich and screaming colors;

- Various in texture: washing, dyeing, and others for all occasions;

- Infinite choice of drawings and ornaments, there are pieces for any non-ordinary taste: flowers, butterflies, lines, squares and other;

- Correctly and harmoniously selected design of two types of wallpapers will emphasize different zones of a room;

- Eco-friendly, safe material;

- Using wallpapers on individual elements, you can apply them for decorative purposes;

Having studied all the advantages, armed with the knowledge of subtle nuances, you can determine for yourself which is better: paint or wallpapers.

Choice of Wallpapers for Different Rooms

Thinking about which wallpaper to choose for a bedroom, close your eyes and relax. Try to see the room that will pacify your condition. Strive to such a standard of harmony. Beautifully and harmoniously you will look a cover from the wallpapers with a nice outer layer.

Wall color can add or reduce space. A presence of bright patterns in a color palette of a wallpaper coating inspires an upbeat mood.

Waking up and basking in a room, you often raise your eyes at a ceiling. To make your morning as pleasant as possible and to have a good mood in the morning you need to have a nice decorated ceiling. You will find different light wallpapers for a ceiling. Which one to choose, you need to solve in accordance with a temperament of a room dweller.

When choosing which wallpaper to purchase for a kitchen, don’t forget to take into account that for working rooms it is better to use washable types of wallpaper. The kitchen walls are often sprinkled. Any hostess will be happy to get rid of the unpleasant drops on walls just by wiping them with a damp cloth. In this case, a working area should be covered with an apron made of another reliable material (glass, tiles, special panels).

When renovating your guest room, you should carefully design the interior to surprise any guest in your house. Choosing what kind of wallpaper to buy for a living room, you need to take into account its size and shape. If you like festive decorations and want to get unusual, but chic interior, then your choice are textile collections.

Types of Wallpapers

To make it easier to understand which wallpapers are the best for your room, it's worth telling about their types. They are divided into more conventional rolls, which usually have a paper or fabric constituent base and new liquid wallpapers, which are provided, in an unusual way, in plastic buckets.

Paper Wallpapers
Paper wallpaper appeared many years ago. They don’t have resistance to light, are prone to "fading", that is, over time they lose the brightness of colors, deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Their main advantage lies in cheapness and environmental friendliness; they are light in weight and easy to stick. What pattern to choose depends only on your taste and imagination, their range is always abundant.

Vinyl Wallpapers
Vinyl wallpaper has a high resistance to water, they are moisture resistant. Their pattern is so clear that imitation of brickwork can be confused with a real brick wall. Mistresses like to use them for corridors or kitchens, as they are easy to clean, durable, and don’t wear off with time.

This coating grants longevity to your interior. They are simple in montage, but you need to select a drawing. If you haven’t decided what kind of wallpaper is better for the kitchen, then vinyl is the best option on the market.

Fluffy Wallpapers
Fluffy wallpapers combine in their composition natural fibers and artificial ones (for example cellulose and polyester). More often, non-woven fabric acts as the basis for vinyl spraying, but sometimes it is also an independent coating.

Rolls with the vinyl coating are distinguished by a three-dimensional texture: you can find white wallpaper for painting with any pattern, from strokes to clouds, paste on walls and paint with suitable colors.

Fabric Wallpapers
Fabric wallpapers are posted on a paper base and covered with a protective laminated layer. Usually silk or cotton is a decorative layer. This type is relatively new; fabric is very pleasant to touch. This material is better for a bedroom of any connoisseur of beauty.


Most often, a choice of wallpaper is based on its color and pattern, but don’t forget to pay attention to other important characteristics. For example, in a nursery and bedroom, you should use the most environmentally friendly materials. And in a bathroom or a corridor, you should use wear-resistant washable wallpaper types. So you can choose the best option for yourself.