Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Enhance Your Interiors and Exteriors with Wallpaper and Awnings

A home has always been said to be where the heart is and so you always need to make it the best. There are limitless decoration options but no decor can be as useful as wallpaper and awnings. Wallpapers have become popular in the recent years and are being used from bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms to offices enhancing the rooms. Awnings have been used for a long time and have continuously been improved to meet your needs in the most convenient of ways.

Uses of Wallpaper

In case you may be wondering why your room may need wallpaper, here are the uses:

- They can be used as room decor adding flair and beauty to your room or home office

- You can portray your interests through wallpaper for instance if you love architecture, designed wallpapers that express unique architecture can be used

- Having an uneven wall? Wallpaper can turn a bad looking wall into one of stunning beauty

- Add the mood to a room using wallpaper for instance red for romance, yellow designs to make the room seem warmer or a calming white wallpaper

Decoration Options 

There is a variety of colours, designs, patterns and sizes you can choose from but you may find it challenging to get a perfect look in your room. Here are a couple of tips to help you make the best out of the wallpaper:

1.Entire wall- Settle on a good wallpaper design and cover the whole wall with it to transform the image of the room, often plain wallpapers with patterns that are not congested will do well for this

2.Regional wallpaper- Choose a specific point of the wall for instance over the fireplace or at the display area and cover with a nice wallpaper

3.Framed wallpaper- You can make small wallpapers look picturesque by adding a variety of frame designs around the area you have covered with wallpaper

4.Panels- Pick a certain height of the wall and do wallpaper for the upper part all around while leaving the lower part painted, it makes the room artistic

5.Mixing Wallpapers- Instead of a single design, you can go in for a mix of a variety of patterns or colours, contrasting them in unique ways but cautiously not to overdo

6.Ceiling- You can go beyond the traditional sticking of wallpaper on walls and cover your ceiling in amazing designs

7.Chair and Table- The awesomeness is not limited to the wall and ceiling, you can make your table top amazing by sticking wallpaper onto it or on the kitchen chair

Advanced Wallpaper 

If you are willing to spend more on a mind-blowing interior, then going for the latest technologically advanced wallpapers will be the best option. These include the 3D ones that will create an illusion in your room where images seem to be popping out or depth that makes the room look bigger. Colour changing ones are the latest trend as the room will look different every time. There is an advance kind of the above where the change of colour or pattern is controlled by heat sensitive sensors in the wallpaper.


These exterior decor overhangs popular on buildings since the 20th century is an amazing addition useful for both residential and commercial buildings. They are often hanged over the door or window and serve several purposes.

Importance of Awnings 

- They compliment the exterior of your home acting as breathtaking and stylish decor
- Helps protect the interior from exposure to intense sun thus staying cool
- Enables you cut down on energy bills as the need for air-conditioning is decreased with less heating of the interior
- Does protect indoor things like upholstery, furniture and others from fading that is a result of exposure to intense sun
- Extension of the awnings can serve as a canopy which will be used for shade outdoors, parking or outdoor catering

Main Options 
Incase you are getting awnings for your home, you have a choice of two options
- Stationary awnings that are fixed- this type has been in use ever since the invention of awnings
- Retractable awnings that you can control using a remote control, button or switch to move it from partial protection to full protection as they have wiring internally and motor tubular framework

Types of awnings 

1.Patio cover shade
a.Free standing awnings
b.Side arm/drop awnings
c.Canopy awnings
d.Patio cover system
e.Window awnings
3.Motorized retractable awnings
4.Deck awnings

Materials Used in Awnings 

Aluminium is used as the choice framework for awnings which are tightly stretched over it. The aluminium is chosen because of being light yet durable. Steel can be used but it needs to be coated with zinc or galvanized

A canvas made from cotton, acrylic or polyester fabric laminated by vinyl. The strength is insisted on in areas with adverse weather especially during winter where the snow load needs to be supported but for Singapore, such is not a concern.

Awnings Extras 

The basic design of an awning is enough to serve the purpose but depending on the various special needs, you can have some extras. Resistance of rain and strong winds may necessitate special frames and fabric. Motorization of the awning will enable you retract it without having to pull on a chord. The control of the motorized ones is either torque sensitive, radio or non-radio motor. As stated earlier, use of columns can help convert it into a canopy that can be used for several outdoor purposes.

Aesthetic Choices

Any awning may serve the purpose but a good choice of designs and colours can help make your home look amazing.

- You can choose solid colours or patterns for a bold formal look
- Bright colours can be a good choice for those who wants it to standout especially by contrasting with the colours of your exterior
- A subtle choice will be colors that blend into those of your exterior


Wallpapers and awnings are an easy way to greatly enhance your home interior and exterior respectively. When you know why you need them, finding the right one for your home or building can be very easy

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Choosing The Right Wallpaper for your Home

The breath-taking arrays of colors, designs and motifs available in wallpapers nowadays make them the obvious choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of glamour and quality to their walls. Choosing the right wallpaper is significant, because it defines the look and feel you would like to give to a room in particular and your home in general. There are thousands of wallpapers to choose from, right from the choice of material to myriads of colors, and varying designs and patterns. So, how does one go about making the right choice?

Some important points to bear in mind while choosing your wallpaper:

i. Size of the room. The right wallpaper can make your room appear more spacious than it is. If you want a smaller room to look larger, pick cool colors such as light greys, blues or greens with smaller blending patterns. Such wallpapers also give a cool appearance and are great in warmer climates. You may add height to a room by using a wallpaper that has vertical stripes.

ii. Style and Requirement. Accentuate what purpose your room serves by picking a wallpaper that complements what the room is used for. A child’s room could do well with large bold prints and bright colours, while it is best to remain conservative for a formal area, lending it both style and elegance.

iii. Camouflage for an imperfect surface. Wallpapers are an ideal and affordable option to cover up an imperfect surface in your home that might have cost you several hundreds of dollars to repair. Use a patterned or textured wallpaper to do this.

iv. Room Lighting. The available natural or artificial lighting available in the room is an important consideration. Rooms that have inadequate light, such as North-facing rooms could do well with patterns that reflect light around, such as those using metallic colors and inks. Mood lighting in the room that accentuates one wall is also a great opportunity to flaunt the perfect wallpaper.

v. Have a recurrent theme that connects your home. Well placed wallpapers that are of similar pattern or complementary to one another can lend cohesiveness and continuity to a room or home of varying room sizes or levels.

Whatever may be the design or look that you intend to go for, it is vital to select a paper with a high-quality finish and the correct tone of ink and print marks to achieve a classy look for your home. Bright bold colours and patterns can add vitality and character to an otherwise dull room. Picture the look of your room, and understand what you want your wallpaper to do; whether it is to be the focal point in the room or simply a balancing factor in a room with impressive furniture. Plan the texture and colors of your curtains in advance, so that they do not clash with your wallpaper and interfere with the overall look that you wanted to achieve.

A short brief about the different kinds of wallpapers in terms of look and design:

· Classic Wallpaper: Muted colors, traditional designs
· Floral Wallpaper: Wallpapers with floral or plant based designs
· Oriental Wallpaper: Featuring Chinese influence and colors such as red and gold
· Retro Wallpaper: Designs dating back to the English homes of the 1950s
· Modern or Abstract Wallpaper: Having modern art or abstract designs
· Kid’s Room Wallpaper: Having bright colors and/ or cartoon characters
· 3D Wallpaper: Wallpapers that give a 3D effect such as a brick wall or stone background

Customized and special 3D wallpapers have gained popularity in recent years. These wallpapers add an extra dimension to the surface and are these days available in realistic backdrops featuring stunning scenery and visuals. Be it an abstract design, a religious motif or a sweeping panorama, these wallpapers have a dramatic effect and tends to hog the entire attention in the room. A word of caution here though; a very bold 3D wallpaper or enhanced image may not go very well with the rest of the room when the furniture in the room changes or there is a change in the room’s purpose.

Steps to follow in ensuring that your wallpaper is installed perfectly:

1) Calculate the wall space correctly. Measure walls right from floor to floor, allowing for corners and wastage. Deduct for windows and doors correctly, thus helping you order the right quantity. Order a little extra to ensure that you do not run out of roll in an eventuality.

2) Pick the right kind of wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers come in a great variety of designs, are easy to clean and well suited to most areas. One step ahead are duplex wallpapers which are 2 sheets of paper bonded or laminated together. There is also flocked wallpaper, that closely mimics textiles such as velvet. An environment friendly, but difficult to clean option is Grasscloth Wallpaper that is made entirely of natural grasses woven together.

3) Have a trial day. Many homeowners are unsure about whether the wallpaper they select is the right one. The best thing to do in such a case is to request the shopkeeper for a strip and hang it along a wall for a couple of days and satisfy yourself after seeing how the light falls on it and the overall look it gives to the room. The extra effort and time taken is definitely worth it.

Wallpapers have a number of benefits. A wallpaper can help your home stand out and be a style statement. A cheerful wallpaper pattern can help lift the mood on a dull day. Cover that slightly ungainly surface with a textured strip to arrive at a simple cost-effective solution for a clean looking surface. Wallpapers are easy to change and one can do so without denting a huge hole in the pocket. The staggering range available across showrooms today ensures the availability of choices required to satisfy the taste of every discerning homeowner. Add a an element of texture, a dash of color, or the beauty of a floral to create that personalized, loved and special space that you call home.