Saturday, 25 March 2017

10 Tips To Take Note When Choosing Wallpaper For Your Home Or Office

Even if your office or home has nothing, walls are there. If you decorate them and make them shiny with items such as wallpapers, painting, frames, and other decorations, they will represent your room well. While there are a variety of tiles and paints, wallpapers still stand out due to the innovation and advancement in technology. You can decorate your simple walls with sophisticated wallpapers. From contemporary 3D designs to full-scale workmanship, you can do virtually anything when it comes to wallpaper decorations. Without investing a lot of money on renovation, a wallpaper can brighten up any room and make it look lively.

Types of wallpapers

Although here are many different types of wallpapers in Singapore the most common ones are vinyl and vinyl coated. This is due to their low cost, durability, ease of installation, and fire resistant. They are, therefore, the best choice for many people.

· Vinyl coated wallpapers- Vinyl wallpaper is famous for its low cost and is the most common making it suitable for high traffic areas. It’s made of paper but coated with a layer of acrylic vinyl. This makes it very easy to remove.

· Foil- This wallpaper can create a metallic look that is not possible with other materials. It’s made of paper and a thin piece of foil. This makes it delicate and very difficult to hang. It comes in colors such as gold and silver.

· Vinyl wallpaper- Manufactured from vinyl, this wallpaper is suitable for high moisture rooms such as the laundry and the bathroom. However, due to its moisture resistance, it can be very hard to remove.

· Fabric backed wallpaper- This type of wallpaper is manufactured from woven fabrics and backed by vinyl coating.

· Flock- This unique wallpaper resembles velvet and can be designed such that it creates a retro look. Since it’s very difficult to clean you should hang it on more formal areas with less traffic.

Tips to help you make the right choice

· Choose the most preferred natural style- Whether you prefer traditional or modern looks there is definitely a wallpaper to suit your preferences. It’s, therefore, not good to force yourself with something that you do not like. Be aware of what patterns, colors, and styles that you are drawn to and avoid styles that do not match your personal taste. If you do this, you will enjoy the wallpaper for a long time and you will not regret.

· Get more samples before committing- Since wallpapers are produced in small quantities they are nonrefundable. Even if you are sure of your choice and have checked on different samples, it’s not bad to look some more before making a final commitment. Many companies will provide big samples so consider asking for more even it means paying for them. You can then try them out on your wall to get an idea how they look like before choosing one.

· Know your goal- When looking for wallpaper for your home or office, what is your goal? Do you want to add depth, warmth, texture or just soften sharp architectural edges? Apart from these, you also need to ask yourself how you want the wallpaper to affect your feelings. When you enter your house do you want to feel optimistic, glamorous, and happy? If your aim is to give your office or home a fantastic look you may be disappointed if you choose a wallpaper that is too subtle. If you have doubts you need to send out for samples with different patterns to try out. Remember, you will never know if they are the best if you don’t try them out.

· Choose subtle- You can go subtle but this does not mean that you can’t have a wallpaper in the living room. Just think about how you want to change other features in the living room. If you usually feel the urge to change how your living room looks it’s advisable to stick to a subtly or a textured pattern so as to increase your matching options.

· Explore your covering options- From materials such as sisal, grass, cloth, cork, and Japanese silk to papers that look like timber, marble, and stones there are many options that you can choose from. If you want to add coziness and warmth, a richly textured style could be the best option.

· Choose the right places- If you want to avoid pattern fatigue, it’s very important to choose the right places. You may choose rooms such as hallways, powered rooms, and stairs. Guest rooms, bedrooms, and studies are also some of the best places for wallpapers. If you add style and put some decorating effort you will come out with something that is suitable for you.

· Think about other rooms- When you are doing just one wall choosing the right wall is very important. Take your time and look at the next room. When you view your paper from another room, you will have a better idea on whether it will suit your home or not. Once you have a sample, you can experiment by hanging it on different rooms while viewing the room from another end. Finally, ask yourself how the room looks and whether it has a welcome surprise that appeals to you.

· Get a professional- Before placing an order for paper, consider seeking a professional advice. You can ask him to help you calculate the quantity that you need. If you are working with an interior designer or a decorator he should be able to help you calculate this. Each roll of paper must be cut and fitted well for a seamless look. The amount of wallpaper that you need will vary depending on the shape of the room and type of wallpaper that you have chosen. This will also help you avoid overbuying or underbuying the paper.

Well, those are some of the tips that will help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing wallpapers. The most important thing is to know the types available, your style and how to choose the best one. If you are not very sure you need to seek professional help.