Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Are Wallpaper Durable?

This is a very common question asked by almost all the people that want to install some wallpaper on their walls. Well, if you also have this question then I would suggest you not to expect a straight forward answer for that because there is no straight answer to this question. The durability of wallpaper is a matter of perspective and how you use your wallpaper. Here, I am sharing few details that can explain this to you in a much better manner and then you can make your opinion about its durability on your own opinion.

Material: If we talk about the material of wallpaper, there are plenty of different materials valuable for wallpaper and durability of those materials may vary. Some of these materials could be very much durable and some could be very fragile. For example, if you get wallpaper that is made of a solid vinyl material, then it will have much better strength in it. We can say the same thing for those wallpapers as well that contain fabric in it along with the paper. But if you will choose to have wallpaper that contains nothing but paper in it, then its strength will be much less compared to another kind of wallpapers. So, if you will choose a material wisely, then its strength would be much higher and if you choose a material that is not strong enough then it may not be that much durable as well.

For better result, you should always choose a vinyl wallpaper or paper with fabric in it. That would increase the life of your paper for sure and you would have a minimum or not trouble with it in the future as well.

Installation method: Durability of wallpaper heavily relies on the installation as well. If you install it in a proper manner, then even week wallpaper can last for a very long time and if you install it poorly, then even the toughest paper would not survive for a longer time. In order to install it properly, it is very important that you prepare the wall and you make all the necessary correction for that.

If your wall is not smooth enough then you may not get any good result as well with that. So, it is advised that if you want to get longer durability with your wallpaper, then you should install it in a wise manner. Also, we can confidently say that durability of wallpaper depend on the installation as well. If it is installed properly, it will last for a longer time and if it is not installed properly then, it may not last even for few months. In case, you are going to install it in your home, then it is suggested that you choose right methods of installation. Also, if possible take the help of some experts that know how to do the installation of wallpaper in a proper manner.

How you use it: If you take a knife and if you stab it in your wallpaper, then there is no chance that your wallpaper would survive in any condition. But if you will use it carefully, keeping basic things in your mind, then defiantly, it is going to last for a life time as well. You need to understand that the durability of wallpaper is also dependent on the way of using it. If you see a small patch in the wallpaper and if you pack it with any method, then chances are high that no one else will see it and they would not make the hole bigger. But if you see a hole and you just chip a part of it by pulling the paper, then that will keep increasing and it will eventually become useless for you.

 So, how you use it also makes difference and effect the life and durability of the paper. In case you already have it in your home and you want to get longer life with it, then I would advise you not to use it roughly in any condition. I would suggest you to use it only in a carefully manner to avoid any damage in it.

Brand or quality: Brand or quality of wallpaper also plays a role in durability part. If you choose wallpaper that is not from a good brand, then you may not get a longer life either from it. Same goes for the quality as well and if you don’t have better quality wallpaper, then it may not last longer for you. If you really wish to get better durability with it, then you will have to get it from a good brand, Also, you need to make sure that you choose only the best quality wallpaper. If that quality is not good enough, then it may not give any results to you in any manner. So, if you want to get only longer life with your wallpaper, then it is advised that you follow this basic rule in a proper manner. That should keep you away from any kind of troubles as well. And if you don’t do that, then you may not get any longer life with it. Hence, it is always a good idea that you follow this rule to avoid any further complication in it.

So, now you know what are the factors that affect the durability of a wallpaper and you can get better result as well if you can keep these things in your mind while purchasing it. Needless to say, some of these factors including other things like installation and usage. Hence, you would have to keep those things as well in your mind to increase the lifetime of your wallpaper. And I am sure about one thing, if you can do that wisely and properly then you would have wallpaper that is durable enough for all of your needs. And if you don’t, then chances are high that you would not get a durable wallpaper and if you install it, then you might not find it useful at all as well.