Friday, 14 October 2016

Pros & Cons On Textured Wallpaper

It is not everyone who realizes that whenever you enter into a room, the walls in the room will be the first thing that you notice. The color and patterns that are on the walls are responsible for setting the mood in the room and they also affect how the occupants in the room feel. It is therefore evident that the color or pattern on the wall forms a very important decision that has to be made. The home owner has to decide whether to use textured wallpaper or paint on their walls. If the home owner chooses wallpaper over paint, then it would be appropriate for them to consider the various pros and cons that the wallpaper has in store for them. Below we focus on some of these advantages and disadvantages of using wallpapers:


Wide Variety

Using textured wallpaper on your walls will offer you with a wide variety of styles and other assortment that you can place on the walls of your house in Singapore. They are available in a number of different visual solutions and colors to make your walls spectacular. This wide variety offers you the freedom and opportunity to pick different colors and themes for every room in your house. If you are using it for your office, then you will have the freedom to select an interior finish that is trendy yet formal. Wallpapers are considered as godsend by interior designers as they provide them with a rich variety of options and combinations to use.

Environmental friendliness
Paper wallpapers are some of the materials that are friendly to the environment. Their production uses ingredients that are natural and the technology used to manufacture them is simple. The adhesive used to stick wallpapers to the walls of the house do not contain any harmful chemicals.

No Need for Special Skills or Experience
Wallpapers are easy to place on the wall and this is an exercise that you can do yourself without the need for any prior experience or special skills. You will only need to remove the irregularities and old paint on the walls first before applying the glue/adhesive. The wallpaper will only need to be soaked for a few minutes before gluing it up on the walls. This will reduce the costs that will be set aside for the installation process.

In addition to the above, wall papers today are being made in a way that makes them easy to apply and also remove unlike the conventional wall papers. This makes them easy to re-position if you apply them on the wrong area without breaking a sweat unlike in the case of painting which is permanent. It is not easy to re-position the paint on a wall in case you choose painting over wall papers as you will have to undergo a tedious process of removing the unwanted paint.

Long Lasting
Wallpapers are nowadays made with better quality and with that they become more durable. They are also water resistant meaning that they will not get spoilt if water accidentally splashes on them. If the house owner observes the proper attention and care, then these wallpapers will be able to last for 10 to 15 years on the walls.

It is possible to get affordable wallpaper to use on your house walls due to their availability in the market today. They are more affordable as well as cheaper compared to some years ago as they have become popular with most people in Singapore over the last few years. Their price currently is almost similar to the cost of painting or lower depending on the surface of the wall to be covered. In case your house has a wall that is cracked, uneven or off angle, it would need some additional refurbishment in case you want to paint it. When using wallpaper, you can cover all these areas easily without the need for any refurbishment or filling of cracks and uneven wall surface.


As much as wallpapers have a host of advantages, they also have some shortcomings as it is the norm with most products. Below are some of the cons of textured wallpaper.

Suffer from Burnouts and Fading
Wallpapers are prone to getting burnouts if they are exposed to the sunlight. The degree of burnout or fading will however, depend on the degree of exposure to natural sunlight as well as the total time. Prolonged exposure would deface the wallpapers fast and it would be noticeable thereby necessitating the overhaul of the wallpapers.

Wallpapers are not all that strong especially if they are single layered (simplex) as opposed to the duplex or dual layer wallpapers. Dual layers have more strength than the single layer ones. The simplex wallpapers get torn easily, dirt and cannot be cleaned using anything wet. Wallpapers also have a noise insulation that is low owing to their strength properties. They are not capable of absorbing most of the household noises like other materials. They are also not viable for places that have a high moisture concentration like kitchens or bathrooms, meaning that you will have to invest in paint for these two areas.

Wallpapers are more expensive than paint in most cases. They are also replaced more often as any torn on a part of the wallpaper would force you to replace the panel as a whole. This could lead to more additional costs in terms of maintaining the wallpaper on your walls, which is not the case with other methods of wall decorating like painting.

Wallpaper Removal Process is Tedious
Depending on the type and quality of wallpaper used on your walls, there are some wallpaper that are difficult to remove from your walls. Although putting them up on the wall requires minimum effort, removing them when you need to change them is not all that easy. The situation could be compacted if you choose the wrong methods of removing them.

It is important to consider all the above pros and cons of using textured wallpaper on your walls before making the final decision on whether to go with wallpaper or paint. They are a great choice for your walls as they will give your home a bold character and color. The final choice will be yours and this makes home decorating an exciting adventure.