Thursday, 21 July 2016

Is Wallpaper Suitable In Condo?

Interior decoration is incomplete without beautiful and elegant walls. Interior wall designing goes far beyond just a gallon of paint, and it is better if you think outside the box by considering an alternative like wall covering or rather, wallpaper. The market of Singapore has got bulks of various options for wall cover such as paper, silk, vinyl and grasscloths, from which you can select before you take the plunge. Interior designing of houses is something that has always fascinated everyone who is desirous of living in a house that flaunts a reputable and attractive look. Have you ever sat down and given a second thought to the wallpapers you have used for your HDB, condo or office? Are they of the type and quality which people would mention as reputable? Beauty is important, so is quality. 

Wallpapers are extremely suitable for highly used areas which include bedroom, drawing room, dining area or kid’s room. A proper wall decoration is important as it can completely change the look and feel of the room. It must be done in such a way that it complements the room. With wallpapers, you can bring alive your ideas and imaginations. But before choosing a wallpapers, you have certain factors to consider. Firstly, you need to form the budget. Wallpapers from reputed companies are affordable and at the same time, a good value for money. You must choose good quality, genuine wallpapers that last longer and do not fade easily.

Installing wallpapers take a longer time than paint but it is totally worth the time s you get those amazing, vibrant patterns and designs you wanted to see in your walls. Lastly wallpapers are suitable for condos because they have the aesthetic appeal which remains unmatched with painted surfaces. It has been reported that under normal usage, wallcoverings last 5 years longer than paint. Vinyl wallpapers are said to retain their performance and beauty for about 15 years. Unlike wallpapers, paints require frequent cleaning. What many people in Singapore do is sacrifice quality for beauty when it comes to wallpapers in their condos. When you have decided about having interior designing done in your condo, you have to focus on quality and genuine wallpapers, in order to derive total value for the money you pay. You must consider that not all wallpapers are appropriate for your walls. You need to compare many of them if you are not working with an interior designer.

So, the question posed is 'Is Wallpaper Suitable for condos?' 

1. Sophisticated and classy fashion tastes is what Singapore is known for.
With genuine and reputed wallpapers, you have the advantage to transform your want whenever you want. They give you the flexibility to change colours because they are paintable. Wallpapers can make your Condos look sophisticated and stunning at the same time. Wallpapers make the appearance of the room better than it was before. Some wallpapers are such that they make the room look larger than before while some make the room and the items in the room look arranged in a cohesive manner. You can choose the wallpapers taking into consideration that it blends with the furniture. That would make it more eye catching and appealing.

2. Wallpaper comes in various paper and vinyl surfaces which is meant for durability as well as finish variation. They are durable, and can handle the wear and tear of children, while some are also scrubbable. The finish you select can act as a factor on which people would judge your family on your lifestyle. Some tenants are attracted to houses only because of the taste of interior decoration. Therefore, you can have a great number of tenants taking interest in hiring your premises in the competitive market of Singapore, which will help you with more revenue in your property.

3. If you choose good quality and wallpapers you can be sure that it will last for long, and will remain elegantly beautiful for a larger period of time. Wallpapers chosen from reputed companies do not lose their appearance very soon. They do not get damaged while cleaning. Wallpapers, thus, are economical. You do not need to replace it frequently.

4. Wallpapers which are of good quality are easy to clean and maintain. They are insensitive to cleaning chemicals and do not get damaged on cleaning. They are not easily stained and do not fade. Therefore, using genuine and reputed wallpapers in your condos can help reduce maintainence and cleaning costs.

5. If you use wallpapers in your condos, you can expect some after sale services from the company you chose to buy your wallpaper from. There are some companies that offer free transport to your Condos. Besides, they will have your wallpaper fixed in your house or condo free of cost. Companies also offer discounts in cleaning of carpets and curtains. Reputable wallpaper manufactures in Singapore offer customers reliable after sale services.

6. Choosing wallpapers from reputed companies in Singapore gives you the advantage of warranty and quality assurance. Which means if you want to replace your wallpaper, you can do it free of charge.

7. Use of wallpapers is a good way to hide the imperfections or rough and uneven surfaces of the wall. It can be considered as an easy and cheap way to conceal the dents and cracks on the wall. Wallpapers hide the blemishes of the plaster of wall much better than paint does. Not only are they easy to clean but also the patterns on the wallpapers helps to hide the dust particles and smudges.

8. You can use wallpapers as a way to show people who visit your Condos your taste for designing and other things you love. You could use themes you love or if you live a certain thing, like if you love animals, you can display it through your wallpaper. They can be an extension of your personality.

The reason why wallpapers can be preferred over paints is that with wallpapers, you have a variety of colours, patterns and designs to choose from. Also, some wallpapers can be painted to add some texture in them. You can easily change the wallpaper placed in your condo if you want to redecorate your house as they are removable. So, you can use wallpapers for your Condos to make your apartments look elegant and a display of your personality.