Friday, 10 June 2016

5 Creative Wallpaper Designs

In Singapore, it has been found that wallpaper is gaining popularity at a very high rate. The fact that different wallpaper designs have good reasons for their popularity has made them to almost replace paint in the field of interior decoration. Wallpaper designs have been found to give a house a lively atmosphere and make the house attractive as well. The other reason as to why most of the residents of Singapore prefer wallpaper to paint is that it is cost-effective. It is also clear that some of the wallpaper products in Singapore are washable and can last even up to ten years. The other reason making wallpaper designs to gain the popularity is that they add value to the office or any house. They cover the flaws in the walls of offices or homes and they also make the effects of holes and cracks in an interior of a house or an office undetectable. By doing so, the wallpapers maintain the value of a house or an office.

Even if there is nothing in the room, the walls will never miss to be there. Therefore the walls need to be decorated no matter how simple they might seem to be. You need to know some of the wallpaper designs that can help you improve that simple and dull wall that you might be having. There are different surprising approaches that you can take to express your walls right from the contemporary 3 dimensional wallpapers to a full-scale workmanship establishments. Take a look at the following five wallpaper design.

1. Wall Art Wallpaper Design
At times you may get tired with looking at a cold and empty wall that is boring all the times. You can try to fuse the wall with some canvas wall art design of your own. This can help you get the ambience that you have been looking for. You can simply turn the arts, designs and photos in your room into a break hearting work of art. You can do this by framing a piece of wallpaper with some pretty lengths of molding and painted to tone with the design.

2. Cover all Wallpaper Design
Try to be more creative and cover all in the wall with a wallpaper having a fantastic color and look. Built-in cupboards should not give you stress while doing this because they can be given a radically new look. You want to know how? Simply cover the doors of the cupboard with a fabulous paper that can match the walls. You can become even bolder by matching and mixing two or more different designs on the walls and the doors of the built-in cupboards. This wallpaper design has become of great importance to the residents of Singapore in several ways. Imagine having walls that are not pristinely smooth or walls that have been pained now for several times. At times you can get tired with looking at walls that are cinderblocks. This cover all wallpaper design gives your wall a new look by covering even the cracks and any other defect that might be embarrassing on the walls.

3. Mirror Wallpaper Design
This wallpaper design is very suitable for small rooms. At times it can be very challenging to decorate a small room that makes you feel squeezed. The use of mirrors on the walls can make that small room look amazingly big than it really is. The other thing that the mirrors do to the room is that they reflect both the artificial and natural light making your room brighter both at night and at the day.

4. Photos Wallpaper Design
Photos are also another thing that you can take advantage of in a wallpaper design. Use a beautifully crafted wooden stand to display your favorite photo prints. Where you place these wooden photo stands also matters. You can place them on your living room table giving you a very unique decoration. The importance of doing this is that it does not put you on a fix since you can always change up the photos to create a different display within a very short time. Another way you can apply this wallpaper design is by hanging an empty picture frame on the walls of the room.

5. Color Wallpaper Design
There are two ways you can use this fabulous wallpaper design. These methods include the colorful throw pillows and the use of wall decals. Starting with decorative throw pillows, you can have your living room wall giving you an instant makeover creating entirely a new look and ambience every time you want it. This wallpaper design is very amazing and for those Singaporeans who have used it, they can agree with me that the design gives lots of fun with. Going back to the second method; the wall decals, peeling and sticking the wall decals can be a perfect way to decorate your room. You can get removable wall decals that can introduce a color on the walls making the room warm and lively. This wallpaper design gives an extra fun and a unique decorative touch to the area of that your living room.

Importance of using wallpaper designs

Regardless of which of the above wallpaper designs you choose, you will always enjoy the following benefits. First of all, they give elegance and beauty to your room. This is of no doubt because the main reason as to why we put wallpapers on our rooms is to make the place more pleasing. Always try to look for a wallpaper that does not fade or the one that cannot be easily damaged during the cleaning. This will really help you enjoy the wallpaper in your homes or offices.

Wallpapers are always very easy to maintain and wash. If you can get a wallpaper that is not sensitive to chemicals the better. Wallpaper designs are also very economical because you will not need to do the painting every now and then. If you get a genuine wallpaper, it will always last for a long time and this will not require replacement hence reducing the replacement cost.

The above are just but a few of the advantages of the above wallpaper designs. Never be discouraged with a space-challenged living room because you can always outsmart that small space and live big in the living room. The only thing you need to do is to give a personal touch on the decorative detail in your room.