Tuesday, 1 March 2016

11 Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Wallpapers

Decorating your house using wallpapers is always easy and quick method for you. Also, it can give fantastic look to your house with bare minimum efforts. But when it comes about the removing of wallpaper, then things might not be that easy for you. In that situation, you may find it really hard to remove wallpapers and you might make certain mistakes as well while removing it. Those mistakes can increase troubles for you while repainting your home or using new wallpapers for better look. I am sure, you would not want to make these mistakes while removing the wallpaper and that is why below I am sharing 11 Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Wallpapers.

Not identifying your wall type: Before you start removing wallpapers from your, it is a wise idea that you identify the wall type. If you have a plaster wall, then you will not have much problem removing your wallpapers from this wall because it is tough and resistant damages. But if you have a drywall, then you need to show extra care and pampering in the removing of wallpapers because dry walls are usually week and it can get damage if you use harsh tools for its removing.

Not having mental preparation: You have to understand that removing wallpapers from your walls is not a very clean job and you will need to invest a lot of time and efforts in it. Also, it is a well-known fact that you will have lot of dirt, dust and mess in your home while removing wallpapers from your walls. So, if you are not mentally prepared for that, then you will face complications while removing the wallpapers at a later time.

Keeping furniture in the room: If you will keep the furniture or other belongings in your room while removing the wallpapers, then you can consider that as a big mistake. When you remove the wallpapers, then it is advised that you remove all the furniture’s before doing the work. In case, you can’t remove the furniture, then you should keep it in the center of room and you should cover that so you don’t make it dirty in this process.

Not covering the floor area: Not covering the floor area is another big mistake many people make while removing wallpapers in their home. If you have some special type of flooring or carpet in your house, then it can make dirty for you and you might need to clean your flooring as well. To avoid this issue, you should simply cover your flooring area and you should do the work in a proper manner.

Removing bigger sections: If you are assuming you can remove the bigger sections of wallpapers from your wall, then you are making a mistake here. You must understand well pasted wallpaper will never come out easily and you can’t have that out in bigger sections in any condition. So, it is advised that you do not make this mistake and you set your expectations wisely.

Not softening the paste: Sometime people try to pull off the wallpapers from their walls without having any preparation. They neither do the softening of their walls, nor they do anything else to soften the paste. It is strongly recommended that people should invest good amount of time in paste softening before stepping of the wallpapers from the wall. That time investment can reduce their troubles and it can reduce time in the future.

Not using chemicals: It is ok if you don’t like to use chemicals for most of your work and you are free to do that. But if it comes about the removal of wallpapers then you should not stay away from the chemicals. If you want to remove the wallpapers completely, then you should not mind using chemicals for that. There are certain chemicals that can help you in this requirement with ease and you can certainly get the best outcome with that for sure.

Ignoring the steaming: To loosen the strength of wallpapers, you should also give importance to the steaming part. When you use steam on the wallpaper, then it can reduce the bonding of glue between wall and wallpapers and that will help you remove it easily from your walls. This can work really great if you are using some wallpaper that are pasted with some simple to remove glue.

Not checking wallpaper type: Checking the type of wallpaper is another trick advised by experts, but many people actually miss it. Some wallpapers can be easily removed from the walls using some scrapper or knife while others need lot of efforts. You can check the type of wallpapers and then you can get right tools for that accordingly and you can follow the right process as well. Also, if you used some easy to remove wallpapers, then you will not have to invest any extra efforts because you can simply peel it off. That is why, you should check the type of wallpaper before making any changes in it.

Not using proper tools: If you don’t have proper tools, then you cannot do any work properly. This rule is practical for everything including removal of wallpapers from your walls. If you will try to remove the wallpapers using some basic knife and small scrapper, then you will never get any good success in that. For better outcome, it is strongly recommended that you use bigger scraper, steaming machines and other tools to avoid problems and to get the best result with it.

No taking experts help: Indeed, you think you can do the removal of wallpapers by yourself, and you might not need any extra help from experts, but that is not true in most of the cases. Mostly you may need to take experts opinion, guidance or assistance for the removal of wallpapers from your wall in a complete manner. That is why, it is advised that you do not ignore the experts help and you at least take their opinion or advice for better result. That advice will help you take your decision smartly and you will be able to remove wallpapers in much better and expert manner.