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Pros And Cons of Wallpapers

Wallpapers are decorative materials that cover interior walls. In Singapore, wallpapers are very common. They are put almost in every offices, museums, homes, government buildings etc. Wallpapers are very attractive and are used to add beauty and style to rooms. Wallpapers are sold in rolls and are installed on the walls using wallpaper paste.

Wallpapers have the power of transforming a space dramatically. They can make a big empty room feel cozy with darker wallpapers patterns and colors. They can also transform a dramatically colorful house feel airy and soft by putting pale wallpapers with less bold patterns and colors.

Types of wallpapers

There are so many different types of wallpapers in Singapore that are preferred by many people. Some of them are;
Foil wallpaper
The foil wallpapers are more popular in Singapore and are used by most of the designers. They are highly attractive and reflective. Their reflectivity however requires much effort to install since they highlight all the defects found on the walls. Wrinkles and folds are supposed to be avoided at all cost. This can be done by ensuring that the walls undergo proper repair or covered in order to eliminate any defects that may arise. The fact that they do not hide any flaws is a drawback.

Vinyl wallpaper

The vinyl wallpapers are suitable for humid or moist places since they are resistant to moisture. E.g. Bathrooms and kitchens. They are the most common wallpapers among many household due to their durability. They are coated by a layer of vinyl and the thicker the vinyl paper the durable the wallpapers will be. They are also very easy to maintain since they can be washed.

Grass cloth wallpaper

In Singapore, the grasscloth wallpaper is very popular. The grasscloth wallpaper gives the room a very natural and earthly feel since they are made of woven grass. They are available in different textures and make the room feel very interesting.

Fabric wallpaper

The fabric wallpapers just as their name suggest are made out of clothes and textile. They are very attractive and bring warmth and coziness to big rooms. Unlike many other wallpapers, the fabric wallpapers are not laminated. 

Folk wallpaper

They are most suited for rooms which require decorative highlights. They are suited mostly for formal areas such as the dining room areas. They are very decorative and also making maintenance very easy

Factors to consider before buying wallpapers

There are some factors to consider before buying or installing a wallpaper for your house. These factors are as follows.

Room measurements

Before buying the wallpaper ensure you take the house measurements. This should be the height and width of the room in order to take the square footage then subtract the parts to be left uncovered like doors and windows.

The pricing units of measurements

The second thing to put into consideration is the pricing units of measurements that the vendor uses. This is to be sure of how much you are expected to pay and avoid unnecessary surprise after you have placed your order. It's however advisable to buy an extra amount in case mistakes take place during installation.

Colors and patterns

Ensure before buying the wallpaper you have a good idea of the type of pattern and color of wallpaper you want. This should greatly be impacted by the type of effect you want to create in your house. After planning it is wise to go to the market and look at what is available and suits you best.
Vender's policy

This comes in handy when you make a purchase that does not suit your room and you need a refund or exchange. You should consider buying from vendors who are more flexible and who also offer wallpaper installation in their packages. 

Decisions to determine the installer.
This is the most crucial part since the person installing your wallpaper can either make or break the whole deal. You should consider getting experts who have experience in installing wallpapers. 

Pros of using wallpapers


Installing of the wallpapers takes very little time compared to other walls decorative method. It also takes very little effort to apply since you don’t have to cover other parts to prevent paint from spilling.


There is a lot of variety when it comes to wallpapers. There are so many prints and colors that are out there that are used to beautify our rooms. The prints are ready hence makes decision making very easy.


Wallpapers are very durable since they can last for very many years without replacement. There is also no need for regular touch-ups hence making it cost effective.

Low maintenance

Most of the wallpapers are coated and this makes cleaning very easy. The coating helps the walls become very durable hence des not fade easily.

In Singapore, most households prefer having the wallpapers since they are considered to be beautiful and brings out elegance. They also want to stand out since wallpapers come with endless colors and patterns.


Most wallpapers are cheap and durable. If you use a reliable wallpaper, you save a lot since they last longer without the need for replacement. 

Personalization of temporary homes

Wallpapers are the best solution to temporary houses where the policy does not allow any paint change.



Removing wallpapers can be very tedious hence it requires patience and the right tools to remove them. There might also be damage to the walls that may take place in the removal process 


For the people who get bored easily then wallpapers may not be the best option since taking them out is tedious hence it may be hard to change them on a regular basis.


Using wallpapers is very expensive as compared to painting 

Fragile wallpapers

There are some wallpapers that are very fragile and hence they do not last for a very long time.

Lack of flexibility.

Wallpapers are mostly applied on soft surfaces. They cannot be applied on rough surfaces and concrete, unlike paint that can be applied on both soft and rough surfaces.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Spruce up Your Home with Wallpaper and Paint

Every corner of your dream house requires looking pretty and stylish. When it comes to decorating your walls, earlier you had the only option to paint it. Nevertheless, now you can design your masterpiece with customized walls either with wallpaper or paint or blend of both. Getting your first home is an exciting feeling, somewhat an achievement in life that you've got something to be proud of and to show for. Decorating your dream home should play an essential part and require much thought.

The wallpaper trend is increasing rapidly, the people preferring to use wallpaper instead of wall paints. Because there are some very good benefits of wallpaper. When looking to spruce up your home and update it with the latest looks, changing up the paint and wallpaper is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to do so. Just by adding a bit of wallpaper or changing the color of the room can give off a whole new vibe and completely renovate the space. Whether you're planning to re-do your entire home or just a small section such as the living room or a bedroom, these great suggestions will help to renovate your home on a budget.

Wallpaper Focal Point
Rather than replacing all of the furniture and decor in your house to give it a whole new look, consider putting up wallpaper. While many may think that wallpaper is outdated, it can give the interior of your home a more up-to-date look. One of the best suggestions is to choose one wall that you will make your focal point. Instead of plastering the whole room in wallpaper, simply choose your favorite, simple designed wallpaper and put it up on the one wall that you have selected. Choose a fresh color paired with a traditional pattern for a contemporary wallpaper design.

The City-Living Look
Whether you have an apartment in the heart of the city or are looking to make your home more city-chic, there are great wallpapers out there that will help you to achieve the look. Add a more modern and urban feel to your space by using popular natural designs such as animal prints and textures. Neutral colors are ideal when going for this look. Select colors such as grey and beige to take advantage of this trend.

Wall Murals
Murals are another type of wallpaper that is taking the interior design industry by storm. Murals can give your room any design and feel. Urban, edgy designs can be completed with murals of city skylines, bridges and towers. Trees and animals are other types of murals that you may select to give the room an exotic feel.

Kids Rooms and Wallpaper
Children enjoy having colorful, vibrant rooms that express their personalities. Wallpaper can give them the space that they have always dreamed of. From early year designs that will provide babies and toddlers with calm, cool comfort to their favorite cartoon characters and more grown-up designs, there are plenty of wallpaper options to choose from. Allow your child to help pick out their wallpaper as they get older. One great alternative to the average wallpaper is by painting a wall with chalkboard paint. This gives the child free reign to draw all over their wall and make their own designs with the option to wipe it off when done. Wall art stickers can also be placed around the room to create their very own wallpaper-like design.

Wallpaper VS Paint - Which IS Better?

Pros of Wallpaper
To apply wallpaper, all you need to do is to measure and cut the right size, the remaining thing to do is only to peel and stick. It will never mess up your floor! Wallpaper is so good that it adheres easily and smoothly onto walls, eliminating any surface imperfections to disappear immediately. The best thing about wallpapers is that there are so many chic designs, intriguing textures and beautiful prints to choose from that add depth and style to your house.

Cons of Wallpaper
Removing wallpaper from walls could be a pain in the backside! When you hear the sound of tearing, you know your wall is going to suffer and end up with many holes and unwanted scarring. Besides, it is unavoidable that wallpaper peels over time in damp areas.

Pros of Paint
Painting can be very therapeutic and easy although might be quite time-consuming. You can easily change the color if you feel bored with the original one by painting over it. As you only need to paint over the old color, there is no harm to the wall. There are many paints that you can buy on the market that dries super quick too and has no odor.

Cons of Paint
Your choice is restricted to a very limited spectrum. Only common and single color is available with no texture and pattern that only makes your house look ordinary but nothing fancy. You would probably need to paint often as paint chips and cracks over time. If you get the paint that leaves a strong smell, time is needed for the odor to vanish too. Painting can get messy and you will need to make sure you cover up your floors and furniture.
Why not mix and match and try using both together, this way you can make some stunning designs. Realistic looking wallpapers such as the 3D Brick Wall Wallpaper can out speak your style and sense of aesthetics too. They have got the charisma that will never go outdated! They are cost effective and look great in the kitchen for a rustic urban look without breaking the bank.

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All About Office Wallpaper Design.

The beauty of a home or office or any other housing depends on many aspects. Such as location, environment, appearance and, of course, interior design. In addition to the structure and appearance of the place, interior design also plays a vital role in improving the beauty of this place. This is highly recommended for offices and corporate houses. Without interior decoration, the place looks boring and boring.

Internal design includes many things, such as decoration, floors, decoration of walls and doors, etc. When it comes to decorating walls, it is nice and appreciated for a well-painted wall. And for a larger increase, you can put beautiful pictures on the wall too. But why do not you try the latest trend? Close it with wallpaper. That's all. Dustproof and waterproof; for the whole season; Update the mood of your guests, and also motivate your colleagues and employees. And, above all, they express you. So, let's see what a cool and amazing design office wallpaper for the wall. In the end, you need to know which one is most suitable for you.

1. Abstract wallpaper Design: Very good for office space. This design of office wallpapers has many colors, many patterns and many figures in it. It is difficult to distinguish any meaning from wallpaper. It can be a bit confusing and puzzling. But this is the real beauty of the abstract. This is an abstraction. This refers to thoughts.

2. Nature and Organic: Do you like nature? Then you have a wallpaper of your mood. Design wallpaper for the office for the office is best suited for both home and office. This gives you the opportunity to stay close to nature. Be it a real place or create it in Photoshop. They are all very charming. They give you great peace of mind so that you can feel relaxed and free from stress.

3. Texture: Texture wallpapers are so real that sometimes it seems that this is an amazing wall and wallpaper in general. If you like drawings and drawings, then covering the Wall Texture is something that you can be interested in. Texture wallpapers are available in a wide variety. From very minimal to great. From ancient design to modern art.

4. Animals and Birds: Of course, there are many fans of animals and birds among us. So, this is for you. Cute and attractive wall coverings of animals and birds. You are recommended dried and extinct spices. Because sticking them on the wall in the form of wallpaper is more simple and good, and then hides their skins.

5. Make your own: and in the latter case make your wallpaper. It is called the individual design of wallpaper for the office. Good photo. Then make a wallpaper of it. I created something incredible in Photoshop. Make a wallpaper of it. Here you can say: "My wall, my desire."

Now do not be surprised which one to choose. Choose what you believe in, and what is good for you. Let the wall of your house or office express you.

How to Select The Best Wallpaper For Small Spaces

Everyone wants their house to look good and reflect their aesthetic taste. Therefore, every little detail is very important. Among the modern trends of decorating a house, the wallpaper is well received. The way he can transform the whole appearance of the decoration, from the reflection of the signature style to the reflection of the mood, is fully deserving of praise. The choice of wallpaper on the Internet can be problematic and confusing since there are so many options and an abundance of beautiful designs from the template to simple, solid color to multi-colored and so on. Therefore, it is essential that someone applies for help to experts. Here are a couple of tips that can help in choosing the perfect wallpaper.

Choose your goal
When space is small, you need to carefully select the wallpaper, and this requires detailed planning and extensive research. First, decide what mood to reflect with this space and wallpaper, what is the use of this space in the whole house, what is the color of the surrounding walls and the type of furniture that takes place. It is important to consider these things because otherwise there is a high probability of inconsistency. Suppose all furniture created by this area reflects a chic style, and the wallpaper reflects some other style, it will not look good together. That's why you need to sew these things together to create the perfect picture together. Planning will also reduce your choice and reduce your budget.

Given the light and color of the space

Sometimes people decorating their home do not take into account the coverage of this area. This is a common mistake that must be avoided since lighting is essential and plays an important role in determining how the room or any particular space looks. You must consider both the artificial and natural lighting system. The texture, color, and pattern of the wallpaper depend largely on the lighting. It can increase, and also reduce wallpaper effects and appearance. In general, dark colors make the room look smaller, and a well-lit wallpaper background makes the room much larger.

Choose the right template and style for your room
To choose the right picture, you need to consider the rest of the furniture around the wall, the color of these and styles. Your wallpaper should go with the rest of the place. Vertical patterns or stripes make the ceiling much higher, and horizontal bands - the opposite. If the room is small, it is better to avoid large patterns. Instead, minimalistic prints should be considered to make it more spacious. You can go to small geometric patterns to look more neat and clean.

The reverse side of the wallpaper
When choosing the right wallpaper, you should also consider the reverse side of the paper. The difference is due to the appearance of paste on the reverse side. In general, the wallpaper has a paste. You can activate it by immersing it in a watery substance.

In case you have to carry a lot or you want to experiment with both types of wallpaper, the wallpaper function perfectly flakes. In this case, the substrate can be covered with paper or removed with a wallpaper remover.

Types of paper
Standard documents are always very convenient to use and convenient to use. In case you can save extra money, it's better to use vinyl-coated papers since they have a proper paper base. A vinyl seal makes it easy to wash the wall cover. This is especially suitable for the kitchen area, which is necessary for washing or cleaning. This type of wallpaper is very durable, resistant to stains and easily removed or removed.

To get a shiny effect, you need to use Foil, as well as Mylars. For slightly expensive households, you can choose an herbal rag, hemp or other types of richly textured wallpaper with large covers and carefully thought-out paper substrates. Choose a wallpaper that complements the look of your room.

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Is Wallpaper A Good Idea For Office

Office design certainly seems fun. It is very tempting to attempt the job of redesigning one's own office. How hard could it be? While most people are capable of buying carpet, wall paper and furniture, there are tricks to the trade which only professionals know. Attempting to design the office as a "do it yourself project" can easily become a time consuming and expensive mistake. Professional office designers can usually acquire furniture, carpet and wall paper at wholesale prices. They know which workmen and contractors can install carpet and hang wallpaper with professional results and often receive a discount.

More importantly office design is more of a science than a hobby. There is much more to office refurbishment London style than simply rolling out a new rug and plopping down a few desks. Professional office designers and decorators are trained to use color to enhance mood, arrange furniture to maximize space and even how to arrange traffic patterns and work spaces for increased office efficiency.

A professional interior fit out really isn't any more expensive than doing the job in house, and the results are always much more inviting. It really is best to hire professionals for fit outs, who know how to design, and arrange. A professional fit out can increase productivity and enhance job satisfaction among the staff. In addition clientele will be impressed by the transformation and will regard the company with increased respect. Not only do many people judge a book by its cover, the subliminal perks offered by professional design will insure clientele are in the mood to buy when they come to the office.

While deciding the wall colors, the decision makers must consider the color of windows, doors and office furniture. Although all colors work well, as all colors possess their own beneficial qualities but still deep intense colors, striking contrasts and black specifically must not be on the list of colors. Violets, blues, greens and shades of brown are the ones that are most preferred of all. Girly colors like pinks, reds and shades of mustard and orange are also prevalent as they all liven up the office atmosphere and add richness and bubbly feel to the working mood. White and off-white remains an evergreen choice when it comes to painting the office walls. A paint to be used in an office has to have Light Reflectance Value (LRV). Whatever color one finally picks for his/her office, he/she must bear in mind that it is an office and not a house. The office paint cannot be afforded to be too loud and distracting. Muted or neutral colors are most recommended of all as they do not strain the eyes.

Wallpaper decor adds instant color, texture and pattern to walls and can make a strong first impression on customers, which contributes to your business brand. Whether you conduct business from a swanky law firm or busy pediatrics practice, business wallpaper can significantly improve your business' image and set the right tone for engaging with clientele.

From designer wallpaper to whimsical wall decals, here are four examples of how you can use wallpaper decor to create a look that is inviting, professional and unique.

Formal yet Inviting: The Law Office
Law office decor can be notoriously sterile and formal. Wallpaper is the perfect antidote to lackluster law office design that can diminish the effect of an otherwise modern law firm. Choosing business wallpaper for a professional setting like a law firm may seem tricky, but the key here is to stay close to classic patterns and neutrals. Damask, toile, or tasteful stripes update blank walls and add a touch of sophistication. Walls don't necessarily need to be completely covered. Borders used to accent painted walls add elegance and interest to otherwise plain spaces.

Cheery and Bright: The Pediatrician's Office
Whether you're opening a new location or simply looking for creative ways to make your pediatric office more fun and welcoming, wallpaper can instantly make your practice feel more kid-friendly. Wall decals and wallpaper murals are an easy way to establish a vibrant color scheme and theme. Transport young patients to the beach, zoo, jungle or ocean with wall decals, or add a fun, whimsical wallpaper border that enlivens the waiting rooms and examination rooms. For high-traffic areas, choose wallpaper with vinyl for maximum durability.

Elegant and Style Savvy: The Fashion Boutique
Some businesses should make an eye-grabbing first impression right out of the gate. Fashion or beauty-oriented businesses can create attractive and inviting spaces by using designer wallpaper that create ambiance and make a style statement. Think eclectic bold patterns, damask prints, jewel tones and textured wallpapers. You don't necessarily have to paper every wall: even just one feature wall can make a big visual splash.

Relaxed Yet Professional: The Nonprofit Business
The typical nonprofit service-based agency is not exactly known for great design aesthetics. It's time to transform the drab white walls of the typical 9-to-5 office space with wallpaper that welcomes clients and inspires employees to act on behalf of the agency mission. For an office environment, choose wallpaper patterns and colors that are unobtrusive. Neutrals, yellow-green tones and geometric patterns instantly modernize and enliven blank office spaces and are appealing to the public.

So how do you properly install a wallpaper? Here are some tips

1. The first step is to prepare the wall itself. Arguably, this is the most important step. The wall should be completely smooth, otherwise bumps and crevices will show through the paper. Too make sure that the wall is dry and clean. If the wall is wet, it will reduce the stickiness of the wallpaper paste since the adhesive is usually water based. For the same reason, the wall should also be clean.

2. If the wall is covered by old wallpaper, the old wallpaper should be removed. You can do this by perforating and scraping the old wallpaper, brushing water on it so that the old glue will dissolve, use a commercial wallpaper remover, or use steam. All traces of the old wallpaper should be cleared.

3. You will want the paper to hang straight. Therefore, divide the wall into sections. It would be easier for you if you would mark the divisions with a pencil. The mark will serve as a guide.

Measure each section so you would know the amount of wallpaper you need. Cut the paper to the right size according to the measurements. It would be wise to add a few inches to the measurement to ensure that no bare space would show.

4. Put the first strip on top of the wall. Apply the glue to each subsection as you work your way down. If the wallpaper you are using has a self-adhesive backing, peel back the wax paper little by little. As you work your way down, get rid of any air bubbles by pressing the paper firmly against the wall. Try to keep the paper straight until you reach the bottom.

5. When you start working on the adjacent section, make sure the wall art symbols align with those of the previously installed section. By aligning them, the wall design will have a seamless, natural look.

6. Once the sections are installed and dry, remove hand stains by wiping the wallpaper with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth.

Today's wallpaper decor options can create an appealing, modern setting that attracts customers, lends your business greater credibility, reinforces your brand, and makes the process of doing business in an attractive environment more enjoyable for all.

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How to Choose the Best Wallpapers for Your Interior

If you want to change the home interior and you are thirsty for novelty, but there is not enough money and energy for a completely new design, then you can change the wallpaper in your room and your home will look different.

A big part of visual space is occupied by walls. Our view always glides over them; it is the form of properly chosen wallpaper generates comfort and cozy impression of your room. Many are wondering which wallpaper to choose for a hall or another room among the abundance present in local stores, as wallpapers are the most popular wall cover in Singapore.

In each building store, a finishing materials department is simply packed with the variety of textures and colors of wallpapers. In order not to get lost and not to get confused with choosing wallpaper, you should follow a simple algorithm of actions. You need to answer all the questions step-by-step.

Why Choose Wallpapers over Wall Dyeing

Many people when choosing the material for walls decoration face a question: wallpaper or dying, what is better to choose?

- The negative quality of paint is that its coating often looks cold and inhospitable.

- The main disadvantage of dying is a long process of preparation, and every uneven line will be visible on a wall.

- Painted in one color walls cause unpleasant associations with old houses.

- However, modern paint looks quite different. It is easy to clean and you can choose any color and degree of gloss: from matte to super gloss.

Advantages of Wallpapers

A decision to cover walls with wallpapers has many significant advantages:

- Minimal preparation, it is not necessary to ideally level the walls;

- Large selection of colors, from white to black, from the lightest shades to rich and screaming colors;

- Various in texture: washing, dyeing, and others for all occasions;

- Infinite choice of drawings and ornaments, there are pieces for any non-ordinary taste: flowers, butterflies, lines, squares and other;

- Correctly and harmoniously selected design of two types of wallpapers will emphasize different zones of a room;

- Eco-friendly, safe material;

- Using wallpapers on individual elements, you can apply them for decorative purposes;

Having studied all the advantages, armed with the knowledge of subtle nuances, you can determine for yourself which is better: paint or wallpapers.

Choice of Wallpapers for Different Rooms

Thinking about which wallpaper to choose for a bedroom, close your eyes and relax. Try to see the room that will pacify your condition. Strive to such a standard of harmony. Beautifully and harmoniously you will look a cover from the wallpapers with a nice outer layer.

Wall color can add or reduce space. A presence of bright patterns in a color palette of a wallpaper coating inspires an upbeat mood.

Waking up and basking in a room, you often raise your eyes at a ceiling. To make your morning as pleasant as possible and to have a good mood in the morning you need to have a nice decorated ceiling. You will find different light wallpapers for a ceiling. Which one to choose, you need to solve in accordance with a temperament of a room dweller.

When choosing which wallpaper to purchase for a kitchen, don’t forget to take into account that for working rooms it is better to use washable types of wallpaper. The kitchen walls are often sprinkled. Any hostess will be happy to get rid of the unpleasant drops on walls just by wiping them with a damp cloth. In this case, a working area should be covered with an apron made of another reliable material (glass, tiles, special panels).

When renovating your guest room, you should carefully design the interior to surprise any guest in your house. Choosing what kind of wallpaper to buy for a living room, you need to take into account its size and shape. If you like festive decorations and want to get unusual, but chic interior, then your choice are textile collections.

Types of Wallpapers

To make it easier to understand which wallpapers are the best for your room, it's worth telling about their types. They are divided into more conventional rolls, which usually have a paper or fabric constituent base and new liquid wallpapers, which are provided, in an unusual way, in plastic buckets.

Paper Wallpapers
Paper wallpaper appeared many years ago. They don’t have resistance to light, are prone to "fading", that is, over time they lose the brightness of colors, deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Their main advantage lies in cheapness and environmental friendliness; they are light in weight and easy to stick. What pattern to choose depends only on your taste and imagination, their range is always abundant.

Vinyl Wallpapers
Vinyl wallpaper has a high resistance to water, they are moisture resistant. Their pattern is so clear that imitation of brickwork can be confused with a real brick wall. Mistresses like to use them for corridors or kitchens, as they are easy to clean, durable, and don’t wear off with time.

This coating grants longevity to your interior. They are simple in montage, but you need to select a drawing. If you haven’t decided what kind of wallpaper is better for the kitchen, then vinyl is the best option on the market.

Fluffy Wallpapers
Fluffy wallpapers combine in their composition natural fibers and artificial ones (for example cellulose and polyester). More often, non-woven fabric acts as the basis for vinyl spraying, but sometimes it is also an independent coating.

Rolls with the vinyl coating are distinguished by a three-dimensional texture: you can find white wallpaper for painting with any pattern, from strokes to clouds, paste on walls and paint with suitable colors.

Fabric Wallpapers
Fabric wallpapers are posted on a paper base and covered with a protective laminated layer. Usually silk or cotton is a decorative layer. This type is relatively new; fabric is very pleasant to touch. This material is better for a bedroom of any connoisseur of beauty.


Most often, a choice of wallpaper is based on its color and pattern, but don’t forget to pay attention to other important characteristics. For example, in a nursery and bedroom, you should use the most environmentally friendly materials. And in a bathroom or a corridor, you should use wear-resistant washable wallpaper types. So you can choose the best option for yourself.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Enhance Your Interiors and Exteriors with Wallpaper and Awnings

A home has always been said to be where the heart is and so you always need to make it the best. There are limitless decoration options but no decor can be as useful as wallpaper and awnings. Wallpapers have become popular in the recent years and are being used from bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms to offices enhancing the rooms. Awnings have been used for a long time and have continuously been improved to meet your needs in the most convenient of ways.

Uses of Wallpaper

In case you may be wondering why your room may need wallpaper, here are the uses:

- They can be used as room decor adding flair and beauty to your room or home office

- You can portray your interests through wallpaper for instance if you love architecture, designed wallpapers that express unique architecture can be used

- Having an uneven wall? Wallpaper can turn a bad looking wall into one of stunning beauty

- Add the mood to a room using wallpaper for instance red for romance, yellow designs to make the room seem warmer or a calming white wallpaper

Decoration Options 

There is a variety of colours, designs, patterns and sizes you can choose from but you may find it challenging to get a perfect look in your room. Here are a couple of tips to help you make the best out of the wallpaper:

1.Entire wall- Settle on a good wallpaper design and cover the whole wall with it to transform the image of the room, often plain wallpapers with patterns that are not congested will do well for this

2.Regional wallpaper- Choose a specific point of the wall for instance over the fireplace or at the display area and cover with a nice wallpaper

3.Framed wallpaper- You can make small wallpapers look picturesque by adding a variety of frame designs around the area you have covered with wallpaper

4.Panels- Pick a certain height of the wall and do wallpaper for the upper part all around while leaving the lower part painted, it makes the room artistic

5.Mixing Wallpapers- Instead of a single design, you can go in for a mix of a variety of patterns or colours, contrasting them in unique ways but cautiously not to overdo

6.Ceiling- You can go beyond the traditional sticking of wallpaper on walls and cover your ceiling in amazing designs

7.Chair and Table- The awesomeness is not limited to the wall and ceiling, you can make your table top amazing by sticking wallpaper onto it or on the kitchen chair

Advanced Wallpaper 

If you are willing to spend more on a mind-blowing interior, then going for the latest technologically advanced wallpapers will be the best option. These include the 3D ones that will create an illusion in your room where images seem to be popping out or depth that makes the room look bigger. Colour changing ones are the latest trend as the room will look different every time. There is an advance kind of the above where the change of colour or pattern is controlled by heat sensitive sensors in the wallpaper.


These exterior decor overhangs popular on buildings since the 20th century is an amazing addition useful for both residential and commercial buildings. They are often hanged over the door or window and serve several purposes.

Importance of Awnings 

- They compliment the exterior of your home acting as breathtaking and stylish decor
- Helps protect the interior from exposure to intense sun thus staying cool
- Enables you cut down on energy bills as the need for air-conditioning is decreased with less heating of the interior
- Does protect indoor things like upholstery, furniture and others from fading that is a result of exposure to intense sun
- Extension of the awnings can serve as a canopy which will be used for shade outdoors, parking or outdoor catering

Main Options 
Incase you are getting awnings for your home, you have a choice of two options
- Stationary awnings that are fixed- this type has been in use ever since the invention of awnings
- Retractable awnings that you can control using a remote control, button or switch to move it from partial protection to full protection as they have wiring internally and motor tubular framework

Types of awnings 

1.Patio cover shade
a.Free standing awnings
b.Side arm/drop awnings
c.Canopy awnings
d.Patio cover system
e.Window awnings
3.Motorized retractable awnings
4.Deck awnings

Materials Used in Awnings 

Aluminium is used as the choice framework for awnings which are tightly stretched over it. The aluminium is chosen because of being light yet durable. Steel can be used but it needs to be coated with zinc or galvanized

A canvas made from cotton, acrylic or polyester fabric laminated by vinyl. The strength is insisted on in areas with adverse weather especially during winter where the snow load needs to be supported but for Singapore, such is not a concern.

Awnings Extras 

The basic design of an awning is enough to serve the purpose but depending on the various special needs, you can have some extras. Resistance of rain and strong winds may necessitate special frames and fabric. Motorization of the awning will enable you retract it without having to pull on a chord. The control of the motorized ones is either torque sensitive, radio or non-radio motor. As stated earlier, use of columns can help convert it into a canopy that can be used for several outdoor purposes.

Aesthetic Choices

Any awning may serve the purpose but a good choice of designs and colours can help make your home look amazing.

- You can choose solid colours or patterns for a bold formal look
- Bright colours can be a good choice for those who wants it to standout especially by contrasting with the colours of your exterior
- A subtle choice will be colors that blend into those of your exterior


Wallpapers and awnings are an easy way to greatly enhance your home interior and exterior respectively. When you know why you need them, finding the right one for your home or building can be very easy

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Choosing The Right Wallpaper for your Home

The breath-taking arrays of colors, designs and motifs available in wallpapers nowadays make them the obvious choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of glamour and quality to their walls. Choosing the right wallpaper is significant, because it defines the look and feel you would like to give to a room in particular and your home in general. There are thousands of wallpapers to choose from, right from the choice of material to myriads of colors, and varying designs and patterns. So, how does one go about making the right choice?

Some important points to bear in mind while choosing your wallpaper:

i. Size of the room. The right wallpaper can make your room appear more spacious than it is. If you want a smaller room to look larger, pick cool colors such as light greys, blues or greens with smaller blending patterns. Such wallpapers also give a cool appearance and are great in warmer climates. You may add height to a room by using a wallpaper that has vertical stripes.

ii. Style and Requirement. Accentuate what purpose your room serves by picking a wallpaper that complements what the room is used for. A child’s room could do well with large bold prints and bright colours, while it is best to remain conservative for a formal area, lending it both style and elegance.

iii. Camouflage for an imperfect surface. Wallpapers are an ideal and affordable option to cover up an imperfect surface in your home that might have cost you several hundreds of dollars to repair. Use a patterned or textured wallpaper to do this.

iv. Room Lighting. The available natural or artificial lighting available in the room is an important consideration. Rooms that have inadequate light, such as North-facing rooms could do well with patterns that reflect light around, such as those using metallic colors and inks. Mood lighting in the room that accentuates one wall is also a great opportunity to flaunt the perfect wallpaper.

v. Have a recurrent theme that connects your home. Well placed wallpapers that are of similar pattern or complementary to one another can lend cohesiveness and continuity to a room or home of varying room sizes or levels.

Whatever may be the design or look that you intend to go for, it is vital to select a paper with a high-quality finish and the correct tone of ink and print marks to achieve a classy look for your home. Bright bold colours and patterns can add vitality and character to an otherwise dull room. Picture the look of your room, and understand what you want your wallpaper to do; whether it is to be the focal point in the room or simply a balancing factor in a room with impressive furniture. Plan the texture and colors of your curtains in advance, so that they do not clash with your wallpaper and interfere with the overall look that you wanted to achieve.

A short brief about the different kinds of wallpapers in terms of look and design:

· Classic Wallpaper: Muted colors, traditional designs
· Floral Wallpaper: Wallpapers with floral or plant based designs
· Oriental Wallpaper: Featuring Chinese influence and colors such as red and gold
· Retro Wallpaper: Designs dating back to the English homes of the 1950s
· Modern or Abstract Wallpaper: Having modern art or abstract designs
· Kid’s Room Wallpaper: Having bright colors and/ or cartoon characters
· 3D Wallpaper: Wallpapers that give a 3D effect such as a brick wall or stone background

Customized and special 3D wallpapers have gained popularity in recent years. These wallpapers add an extra dimension to the surface and are these days available in realistic backdrops featuring stunning scenery and visuals. Be it an abstract design, a religious motif or a sweeping panorama, these wallpapers have a dramatic effect and tends to hog the entire attention in the room. A word of caution here though; a very bold 3D wallpaper or enhanced image may not go very well with the rest of the room when the furniture in the room changes or there is a change in the room’s purpose.

Steps to follow in ensuring that your wallpaper is installed perfectly:

1) Calculate the wall space correctly. Measure walls right from floor to floor, allowing for corners and wastage. Deduct for windows and doors correctly, thus helping you order the right quantity. Order a little extra to ensure that you do not run out of roll in an eventuality.

2) Pick the right kind of wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers come in a great variety of designs, are easy to clean and well suited to most areas. One step ahead are duplex wallpapers which are 2 sheets of paper bonded or laminated together. There is also flocked wallpaper, that closely mimics textiles such as velvet. An environment friendly, but difficult to clean option is Grasscloth Wallpaper that is made entirely of natural grasses woven together.

3) Have a trial day. Many homeowners are unsure about whether the wallpaper they select is the right one. The best thing to do in such a case is to request the shopkeeper for a strip and hang it along a wall for a couple of days and satisfy yourself after seeing how the light falls on it and the overall look it gives to the room. The extra effort and time taken is definitely worth it.

Wallpapers have a number of benefits. A wallpaper can help your home stand out and be a style statement. A cheerful wallpaper pattern can help lift the mood on a dull day. Cover that slightly ungainly surface with a textured strip to arrive at a simple cost-effective solution for a clean looking surface. Wallpapers are easy to change and one can do so without denting a huge hole in the pocket. The staggering range available across showrooms today ensures the availability of choices required to satisfy the taste of every discerning homeowner. Add a an element of texture, a dash of color, or the beauty of a floral to create that personalized, loved and special space that you call home.